Do I Need Drug Rehabilitation?

The disease of addiction is just that: a disease that requires treatment. While the initial choice for someone to start using drugs is voluntary, the way that their brain chemically reacts to the drug is not voluntary. That’s why it is different for everybody: some people are able to quit, while those who suffer from addiction are not able to. Addiction chemically rewires your brain to require the substance of choice, which makes recovery not as simple as will power or quitting cold turkey.

If you feel like you might be suffering from addiction but aren’t sure if you need recovery or not, ask yourself these questions:

  • Do you use everyday?
  • Do you go to great lengths to obtain your substance of choice, which are often illegal?
  • Have you been in legal trouble due to actions stemming from your addiction?
  • Has your social circle changed?
  • Has your job, family, financial situation or home life been negatively impacted due to your addiction?
  • Are you using drugs more than prescribed, or obtaining more than one prescription?
  • Do you need drugs in order to “feel normal”?
  • Have you tried to cut back or quit, but find that you are unable to?

If you answered yes to some of these, then getting treatment at a drug rehabilitation center in New Jersey could greatly benefit your life.

Can I Afford Drug Rehab?

One of the top reasons people do not decide to move forward with drug rehab in New Jersey and Philadelphia, PA is because of money. People in active addiction often find themselves spending most, if not all, of their money on their addiction and don’t have the means to afford treatment. That enters a huge question: Will my insurance cover it? What if I don’t have insurance? We are able to address these concerns with you immediately, right over the phone, with just a quick phone call. The cost of drug rehabilitation is small in comparison to money you would be spending on drugs, sleepless nights, fractured relationships with the ones you love most, or even your life.

What To Expect at Drug Rehab Center

Upon entering our drug rehab center, you will first go through the detoxification process. This is one of the most feared parts of drug treatment, however, you will be under close medical supervision and given medication to help ease your withdrawal symptoms. You will also be given medication to help curb your cravings, so that you can focus on your treatment with as few distractions as possible. We will work closely with you to make sure you learn new coping skills, healthy habits and positive routines to look forward to everyday in your new healthy, sober life. We will also work closely with your family to rebuild any fractured relationships, and ensure that you have a healthy, positive environment to return to. After your stay at our drug treatment center is complete, you will then have access to our Alumni Program. This allows you to exchange stories, gain insight and receive advice from people who have walked in your shoes. The Alumni Program also allows a safe space to attend social functions without the pressure of the outside world.