Outpatient / IOP

A good outpatient treatment program is often effective for those seeking help for substance abuse in its early phases. This is especially true if a person, motivated to change, needs flexibility for his or her work schedule, family responsibilities or other daily commitments.

Pinelands Recovery Center New Jersey can help you find the best Outpatient or, depending upon the severity of your condition, Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP). Treatments vary, according to different factors, such as type of addiction, the client’s daily schedule and general assessment of need.

What to Expect

The main differentiating factor between Outpatient and IOP is the frequency of the therapies, or treatments, and the duration of the program. Sessions will be the valuable counseling, general education and, of course, the support network that will keep you focused and motivated.

With IOP, you are able to request additional services as needed. These might either be conducted at the facility or off-site and would include assistance such as a private trainer, psychiatrist, yoga instructor, nutritionist or even a total-wellness practitioner.

Pinelands Can Help

Our vast network of New Jersey and Philadelphia, PA resources enables us to match you with programs and situations that are well-matched for you. Because we understand addiction so thoroughly, we have the experience to create optimal conditions for your recovery. So whether you require an Outpatient program or the more concentrated Intensive Outpatient approach, we are more than ready to help facilitate your healing. The key is to tap into a program that gives you hope and confidence. In any case, we can help you to sift through your choices and navigate the challenging road ahead.