Emily brings over 10 years of experience with some of the leading treatment providers in the Philadelphia area to the Pinelands team. Emily’s efforts have helped thousands of people struggling with substance use disorders enter treatment and begin their path to recovery. Realizing that deciphering substance abuse health coverage can be sometimes frustrating and confusing, Emily prides herself on her familiarity and knowledge of substance abuse benefits and the ability to help guide families through the process as seamlessly as possible. Looking forward to continuing to aid in the access of treatment for those in need, she brings a big heart and a kind soul to the conversation as families face some of the most stressful and frightening moments of their lives. Emily brings vast experience in delivering patient-focused solutions to referral sources including hospitals, prisons, private therapists and other substance abuse treatment facilities. Emily’s experience and passion to help promote healthy recovery bring her to Pinelands Recovery Center with excitement to be a major piece of our continued growth and success.