People celebrating Valentine’s Day frequently find themselves with flowers (to give or receive), chocolate, and a romantic candlelit dinner with a glass of wine. But what if that single glass of wine turns into several glasses? And then the several glasses turn into a whole bottle? The entire bottle is gone now! 

It can be hard to keep track of how much you are drinking when having a good time. The impulse control and inhibitions of a person become weaker when you drink in the first place. It’s hard to control how much you have when you are not paying attention. 

Valentine’s Day and alcohol seem to go hand in hand. Most people will assume that if they go out to a nice restaurant, a glass of wine should be ordered. However, every person is different. For some, it is easy to overdrink when you are not paying attention. It can also quickly happen when your date is continuously refilling your glass. They may not know your limit and are trying to be helpful. But they may be setting you up in a dangerous position. 

It could also be the reverse. You may be the one to make sure your date is having a good time, and you are making sure their glass is full. But if they start drinking wine like it’s water, there may be an underlying problem. 

Why does it matter if you drink too much on Valentine’s Day? Drunk driving for any holiday proves to be exceedingly dangerous, and it happens often. Some people do not even realize that they are doing it. In the 2017 campaign for the Department of Transportation, they used the slogan Buzzed Driving Is Drunk Driving. To help emphasize that you don’t have to have much alcohol before it starts to impair your motor functions. On Valentine’s Day, last year, over 10,874 people died from motor vehicle accidents. Accidents themselves were 3.6 times higher to happen at night right after those romantic dinners. 

So how does one prevent themselves from becoming a part of the statistics that happen every year on Valentine’s Day? Try something different! It can get monotonous anyways doing the same thing year after year. Try going on a day trip to a new place you haven’t been too. Or revisit a memorable site that brings nostalgia to you.  

Another thing you can try is doing a class together with your date or significant other. You can even make the candles that you light at dinner. Painting classes are also fun date ideas that don’t need to involve any alcohol at all. You can laugh together with your date as you both realize you can’t draw a straight line sober, either. 

If you want to stick to tradition and keep everything the same, try a mocktail instead! There are hundreds of recipes and combos of drinks that can be made to taste like a cocktail but still be alcohol-free. Juice companies created preblended mocktails that can be found in-store, so you don’t have to buy any ingredients. Or when you are at the restaurant, ask for the non-alcoholic version. They will still put it in the same container, and you can again feel fancy. However, you are staying safe and not feeling buzzed before you drive with your nonalcoholic beverage. 

If mocktails sound a little too fake and over the top, that’s okay. Drinking a glass of wine is okay, but do not drive afterward. Be aware of your state’s drinking laws. Some countries like New Jersey have a zero-tolerance law, and anything over a 0.01 Blood Alcohol Content while driving can be a DUI. One way to ruin Valentine’s Day for you and your date would be getting into an accident because someone impaired drove a vehicle. 

Try to stay ahead of the game if you know where you are going. Getting an Uber or Lyft can save your life and make life more convenient for you. Why worry about driving when you can have a chauffeur on your romantic date night. 

Valentine’s Day makes everything special. It proves to be perfect for proposals. People confess their true love, and no one wants blue and red lights in their sight unless they are romantic candles. Avoid bringing the police to your date night and stay safe. If this all makes sense to you, then perhaps it is your significant other or date that you have to talk to about their drinking habits. 

Sometimes these conversations can be tough, and the romantic holiday atmosphere only adds on to the pressure. However, communication is a crucial component of any relationship. Why wait for later when you can talk about it now. One of the best ways to show your significant other that you support them is by letting them know how much you care about them. Tell them how you want them to live longer and not deal with the repercussions of drinking to much alcohol long term. It may even help if you do some research on your end to impress them. 

If you think their drinking habit extends beyond overindulging on wine, try looking at a list of signs and symptoms of someone with a drinking problem to help you identify how far this issue has gotten. If you think that their behavior is reaching a new level, then make sure to find a few places that help treat people with addiction. There are a variety of options and treatments that can help with alcohol addiction. Find a location like Pinelands Recovery Center in your area that personalizes the treatment plan to your needs and your significant others. The best way to find them help is to make sure the specialists on hand are the best of the best and trained, especially for situations like this. 

Valentine’s Day focuses on love and affection. It does not matter if you are drinking sparkling cider or a glass of wine. The main thing is that you and your date are having a good time. Avoid getting the DUI and enjoy the moment. Alcohol doesn’t need to be apart of your date to have a fun time.