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Recovery Coaching Program

Coaching for those in recovery provides a stable support system between two individuals who can hold each other accountable and provide guidance to help meet each other’s needs. Forming a community in recovery not only helps decrease relapse rates but also helps individuals build self-esteem, communication skills and relationship skills that may otherwise be lacking.

Pinelands Recovery Center of Medford takes tremendous pride in its recovery coaching program. This is a unique opportunity that is provided to patients. Upon entering treatment at Pinelands, each patient is paired with a primary therapist and a recovery coach. The recovery coach works closely with the patient to help meet their recovery needs. Each recovery coach has been through treatment and has undergone extensive peer support training to help them adopt the appropriate skills to guide the patient through the most successful recovery journey.

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Connection, Accountability and Support

Recovery coaches not only help provide a sense of community and connection, but they also provide accountability, which is essential for individuals who are undergoing treatment for a substance use disorder. Accountability helps patients move toward maintaining an honest and consistent recovery journey.

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Reducing Readmission Rates

The recovery coaching program has shown to reduce readmission rates by 10% in 2019. This means that patients have a drastically decreased chance of re-entering into treatment if they are paired with a recovery coach from day one.

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The Recovery Coach Experience

Once a patient enters treatment, a recovery coach will meet with the patient. Together, they will fill out a questionnaire as a way to have a better idea of what the patient needs and where they are in the recovery process. This questionnaire allows the recovery coach to have a solid idea of precisely how they can offer guidance to the patient, as each individual requires different needs. The patient and recovery coach develop a schedule and weekly recovery plan together, which provides structure for building healthy behaviors and coping skills that are necessary for long-term recovery. The recovery coach also provides personal recovery stories and experiences as a way to offer hope and encouragement to the patient.

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