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As a mental health or substance use disorder professional, one of the most challenging aspects of care is witnessing your patient making a steady decline in their progress. Recognizing when your patient needs a higher level of care is a sign that you are a great therapist and put your patient’s needs and recovery process first.

Even if you are a primary care provider and do not have a background in substance use disorders or mental health, it is important to know when it’s time to refer your patient to a higher level of care. Referring to a higher level of care can potentially save your patient’s life.

Recognizing the Warning Signs

When should you refer your patient to a higher level of care? Following are warning signs:

  • If your patient is in danger of hurting themselves or others
  • If your patient has relapsed
  • If your patient has not improved in therapy or has become increasingly unstable
  • If you feel that you are not equipped to deal with the extent of your patient’s substance use disorder
  • If you think that you are not equipped to deal with a co-occurring disorder that has emerged
  • If your patient is making you uncomfortable in any way

 If your patient has demonstrated any of the above warning signs, please contact us for a consultation or refer your patient to us directly and we’ll perform an assessment. We’re here to work with you and your patient in the way you determine will provide a smooth transition into treatment at Pinelands.

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We’re Your Partner in Patient Care

Discharge planning begins the day your patient is admitted to Pinelands. We recognize that, while they will be doing hard work during their time with us, having a support system in place after rehab is essential for sustained sobriety. We will communicate with you during their time with us, ensuring there’s a smooth transition back to your care.

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Please call us at any time at (609) 308-3114. We’re here to answer your questions about our treatment program and also welcome tours of our facilities. Together, we can work to save the life of your patient and put them on the path towards a life filled with possibilities.

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