Residential Treatment

Each of us is unique. We especially understand that. So in the first few days of your treatment at our woodland New Jersey facility, we work with you to create a schedule that fits and benefits you the most. Though everyone receives intense therapy daily, yours is representative of your individual needs and personality.

What to Expect

Residential Treat Pinelands Recovery Treatment Center of Medford NJIn residential rehab, your stay here is much like living in a home, and the duration of that stay can be 30 days or more. Your length of time here is wholly dependent on the seriousness of the addiction and how well you respond.

The varied treatment methods that will be part of your healing program will include such things as group therapy, counseling and special training in relapse prevention. Residential treatment, as applied at Pinelands, is a highly immersive experience, removing you from the harmful temptations often found at home.

Planning Your Day

Between the therapy sessions and medical evaluations, you also have time to relax and reflect with activities such as art classes, yoga or various exercise activities. Shared events like movies or game night enable you to mingle with others and build valuable friendships – people who care and who can keep you accountable after you leave.

A typical day at Pinelands Recovery Center might include:

  • Community meeting
  • Group sessions with your Primary Therapist
  • Psycho-education on the disease of addiction, relapse prevention, beneficial nutrition and more
  • Meditation, alone time
  • Exercise, activities with others
  • Three chef-prepared meals daily

Finding Your Niche

Spirituality group sessions are held once a week, and yoga classes are available twice weekly. Daily 12-Step meetings are held on site.

Most importantly, we treat you as an individual, not as some faceless number. Whatever your situation, you can beat your addiction and take control of your life again here.


Surrounded by others who are taking their treatment seriously, you will find kinship in their similar challenges and responsibilities, such as marriage, work, and family. You are recognized as an adult here and given more freedom, to allow you to handle those important issues of your everyday life.

Young Adults

Let this be a time to make healthy new relationships that can become lifelong friendships. As you enjoy sober fun with your peers, you can work on building a future free of controlling substances and you can learn life-coping skills that help you to successfully battle anxiety, loneliness, and self-doubt.

Chronic Relapsers

Experience is the best teacher, so you likely have mastered some of the coping mechanisms already. You just need help in certain areas, to take you to the next level. The key this time around is to focus on tools like cognitive therapy and relapse prevention training, as well as possible medications that might be particularly helpful.


Relax…you’re in good hands. Pinelands staff are experienced in the treatment of trauma that often accompanies substance use issues. Here there is no judging; you are free to be completely honest with yourself and others.

Bringing Peace to the Process

The most important thing to remember about your treatment program at Pinelands Recovery Center of Medford New Jersey is that you can approach this time of rediscovery in a safe, welcoming environment. We are here to talk, to help, to work with you at a pace that is comfortable and natural to you.