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Adult & Young Adult Programs

At Pinelands, we understand there are people at different points in their lives when they seek to overcome a substance use disorder. To help better meet them where they’re at – and to tailor a program that connects them with their peers – we provide two separate program tracks: Adult and Young Adult.


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Adult Program at a Glance

For the patient who may experience the stressors of a committed relationship, children, being the caretaker of older parents or certain financial situations, this program is for them. The program typically starts early, goes in-depth about their current challenges and allows patients to connect with others going through the same thing.

Young Adult Program at a Glance

Our newest program is geared to the patient who may need more guidance, is trying to find their niche or is finally establishing what it means to be independent. We begin therapy at later times and space them out in smaller chunks throughout the day. These patients can relate to their peers who are experiencing similar growing pains.


Benefits & Features of Both Programs

Each program is facilitated in their own building on the Pinelands campus. Although we have expanded from 30 to 60 beds, patient programs are in their own separate milieus and will still receive the personalized care Pinelands is known for. Both programs include:

Each program is led by caring, supportive staff. Learn more about Robert Brady, CADC, CES, Clinical Supervisor of the Adult program, and Stephanie Pedrick, LSW, Clinical Supervisor of the Young Adult program.

Pinelands Recovery Center of Medford - Patient Care

Meeting People Where They’re At

Wherever someone is on their life and recovery journey, Pinelands has the program to suit their needs. For more information about our Adult and Young Adult programs, please contact our caring staff.

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