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Non-Opioid Pain Medications

Pain, whether it is chronic, acute, breakthrough, referred, nerve pain, soft tissue pain, bone pain or phantom pain can be unbearable for many individuals. Physical pain can result in missed work and school and can take a toll on one’s social and home life. Physical pain, especially chronic pain is also highly linked to depression […]

How to Talk to Insurance Companies About Treatment

How to Talk to Insurance Companies About Treatment You are finally ready to get treatment for your addiction. Chances are, you have hit many roadblocks along the way of getting here. Not being ready, waiting for the right time, persistence from friends or family, or denial can keep people from getting the help they need. […]

How Pinelands Recovery Center Celebrates the Holidays

How Does Pinelands Recovery Center Celebrate the Holidays? There are many factors that go into deciding which treatment center to enroll in for addiction. When entering treatment around the holiday season, it could be important for many individuals to know whether or not the treatment center they choose celebrates the same holiday. Although this can […]

Vivitrol in Substance Abuse Treatment

Vivitrol is the pharmaceutical brand name for the injectable and oral form of naltrexone. Vivitrol is used to help treat opioid abuse disorder and alcohol use disorder. Naltrexone, the main ingredient in Vivitrol is an opioid antagonist, meaning that it blocks the opioid receptors in the brain. This will cause the individuals to experience opioid […]

Supporting Substance Use Recovery and National Family Caregiver Month

Awareness days, weeks, and months are beneficial to our society. They provide an opportunity to share information, show support, and express appreciation. Awareness campaigns help start valuable conversations while reminding people they are not alone. President Bill Clinton was the first commander in chief to proclaim November as National Family Caregivers Month. American Presidents since […]