Addiction Is a Family Disease

Stop the Insanity of Addiction

Pinelands Recovery Center of Medford New Jersey understands that addiction is a family disease and that in order for true lasting recovery the entire family must be involved. The Pinelands Lasting Support Program was designed to specifically get the Family and Client involved from the very beginning of treatment. From day one the Lasting Recovery Program is individually developed for the client and the family so that upon discharge the support, love, and understanding of the disease are in place.

You Are Not Alone We Are Here to Help

What the Family Lasting Recovery Programs Means to You

The best hope for a loved one lasting recovery is getting the family involved early in the process. Understanding all aspects of addiction from your loved one’s perspective and from yours is key to the lifelong success of recovery.

Support=Lasting Recovery

Lasting Recovery Covers:

  • Support vs Enabling
  • Encouragement vs Triggering
  • Acceptance vs Rejection
  • Support for You

The Lasting Recovery Program:

  • Counselor supervised family calls
  • Two on-site meetings for loved ones per week
  • Access to our online library
  • Support plan for client and loved ones after discharge.

Anyone should sleep better at night if this is where they decided to send a loved one. I have a loved one at this facility and it's up to the person with substance use disorder to take the tools they are taught there home with them. My loved one has been to several treatment centers and this treatment center goes above and beyond! The staff is awesome I would recommend this treatment center to anyone!

Laura J.

This is by far, above and beyond the best treatment facility I have ever seen. The quality of care and concern is A#1. Every one of our daughter’s needs and our needs were over met by their great staff and team of therapists and doctors. A true life changer. Thank you

Anthony V.