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Never Giving Up

I’ve had the pleasure of seeing the lights come on for hundreds of patients who swore themselves hopeless. In fact, since our opening, we’ve had several alumni eventually take on staff positions with the program in both operations and clinical capacities. When thinking of any complete 180-degree turnaround, the story of one alumnus quickly comes to mind. This young man walked up to our front door, begging to come in because he had reached the end of his rope. He was, by his own admission, physically, mentally and spiritually broken. Fast forward to today, he has been four years sober of all substances and owns his own construction business. He even suffered an unimaginable personal tragedy a year ago and managed to stay sober through it all because he works a program of recovery. His story is filled with hope, willingness and a message that says, “Never give up.” – Pinelands alumni coordinator

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Persevering through Pain

Donald had a severe opioid use disorder for many years. He watched his health  deteriorate; he continued to experience significant loss as a result of his addiction. Donald’s mother, after witnessing her son struggle for so long, began to fall very ill. On her dying day, she asked him to make a promise that he would get clean and regain his life back. He kept that promise by entering Pinelands one week later. Despite dealing with the death of his mother and the finalizing of his divorce without family support, he never got discouraged. Through all of the pain, he persevered and overcame one obstacle after another, proving incredible resilience. He accomplished all of his treatment goals, engaged in therapy sessions and rebuilt his self confidence from the ground up. Donald proved that anybody is capable and deserving of recovery, no matter how strenuous the circumstances. Donald walked out of Pinelands expressing a profound sense of gratitude and accomplishment. – Pinelands therapist

The Comeback Kid: Meet Brandon

Brandon Keen struggled with addiction for 17 years. Even to this day, he admits substances had consumed his life to the point that he had “no hope of ever recovering.” Fortunately, through his experience at Pinelands, Brandon believes he was given a “second chance at life.” He said, “Because of Pinelands and commitment to change, I have a new life today.”

Now as a member of our alumni community, Brandon is making his comeback. In fact, his success in recovery and new outlook on life is what inspired his latest project. Appropriately named “The Comeback Series,” Brandon recently developed a recovery-based journal and daily pad “to support those who are working to reinvent themselves from a life of addiction.”

With therapy exercises, recovery resources, daily journaling and weekly recaps/prompts, the journal is designed to help you be mindful, stay on track and navigate the challenges that come with your new lifestyle. Brandon said, “It’s time to better understand your behaviors, habits, life goals, and triggers to live life to your fullest potential.”

From Addiction to a Passion for Art

In a segment of Good Day Philadelphia, Pinelands’ alum Kelly Murphy spoke about her struggles in the “depths of addiction” and “pretty much every bottom you can think of.” She said that her lifestyle brought her a lot of shame, but as she started turning things around, Kelly took up drawing while she was in treatment and quickly discovered her talent as an artist. Today, Kelly is 16 months sober and has turned her pain into a creative passion by designing custom shoes for her business, Shameless Soles. Her message to those struggling: “There is hope for anybody. As long as you’re breathing, there is hope for you.”

Marathons & Recovery

“If you’d have told me while I was at Pinelands that I’d be a marathoner, I’d have laughed at you, but that’s the beauty of sobriety,” said Rory Vannais. “I have the opportunity and blessing today to be able to do these things I love BECAUSE of the things I learned while in rehab.”

Before coming to Pinelands, fitness was a big part of Rory’s life. After celebrating five years of sobriety, he credits exercise as the healthy strategy that he used to stay committed to recovery. In fact, Rory runs by Pinelands on his training route as a reminder of how far he’s come. Inspired by his own progress, Rory teamed up with his sober friends and found The Phoenix – a non-profit that offers free fitness classes to those in recovery. It wasn’t long before they became volunteers and began hosting their own classes in South Jersey. During the pandemic, Rory created the Phoenix Sober Run Crew. Welcoming “all paces and faces” in recovery, the group met bi-weekly to run at different locations throughout South Jersey.

Since November 2021, Rory has run four marathons (including the Boston Marathon). He currently has his eyes set on the Chicago, New York and Philadelphia marathons. Along with his stellar accomplishments, Rory is a full-time plumber, a devoted husband and father.

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Finding Strength After a Great Loss

Jasmine had been in and out of treatment since around the age of 13. Jasmine and her sister were in child protective services as children. In their pre-teen years, they abused drugs and alcohol, eventually adding heroin, benzodiazepines and cocaine to their list of substance use. Sadly, Jasmine’s sister committed suicide and Jasmine was the one to find her. For many years, Jasmine blamed herself for her sister’s death and struggled to cope with overwhelming feelings of grief and loss. She was in and out of treatment over 10 times. Underneath all of that pain and misery was an extremely intelligent, bright and beautiful soul with a great deal to contribute to the flow of life. She used her time at Pinelands to address those issues and set out on a new path. Now Jasmine returns to Pinelands as an Alumni Night speaker to share her experience, strength and hope. She continues to participate in AA, works productively and uses her humor and wit to manage difficulty. – Pinelands therapist

95% of Pinelands patients feel they are a better person than before their experience with addiction.

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Addiction recovery is a group effort.

  • ASAM Certified Physician
  • Buddy System
  • Primary Therapist
  • Registered Nurse
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  • CCAR Certified Recovery Coach
  • Board Certified Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner
  • Discharge Coordinator
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What You Want To Know

  • What does a typical day look like?

    Each day in treatment follows a structured schedule. Mornings include breakfast, a morning meeting and small group therapy with your primary therapist. After lunch, there is opportunity for some recreation time using the basketball, tennis or volleyball courts or to simply take a peaceful walk outside. The rest of the afternoon consists of educational group sessions. The evening starts with a wrap-up group after dinner followed by a 12-step program and ends with free time.

  • Will I be able to see my family?

    During your stay you will have multiple opportunities to visit with your loved ones. Approved visitors will attend a Family Education session followed by face-to-face visits twice a week. Families are also invited to attend a family therapy session with you and your primary therapist.

  • What kind of food is served?

    Chef-catered meals are provided three times a day, 7 days a week. Snacks including cereals, fruit, chips and granola bars are available around the clock.

  • Who will be responsible for my care?

    While in rehab, you will work with a multi-disciplinary addiction treatment team consisting of the following: medical doctor, psychiatric nurse practitioners, registered nurses, mental health and addiction counselors, recovery mentors, case managers and discharge planners. Your family we be assigned to a family counselor to be their point of contact and resource for ongoing support.

  • Will my insurance cover my treatment?

    We accept most private insurances. There are a few that we do not. We can verify your benefits to determine what your coverage is and also determine if you have any exclusions.



Reclaim your life amid the pines.

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Reclaim Your Life Amid the Pines.

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We do not accept Medicare and Medicaid

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