Help For Myself

Recognizing that you have an addiction problem is the most important first step toward successful long-term recovery. And while this may make you feel pain and even shame, it can happen to even the best, and most successful, of people. You deserve to recover, and you can do so with the proper help, love, and support around you.

Treating the Individual

The healing process at Pinelands Recovery Center of Medford is designed to address your specific issues in a comfortable, caring atmosphere where you can feel a connection of “home.” Our team of concerned professionals works to point you in a more positive direction, both safely and painlessly.

Surrounding Yourself with Positivity

Understanding that your own motivation plays a key role in your return to wellness, we strive to maintain a positive, inspiring environment. This means pairing you with a qualified mentor and sustaining you with fresh, healthy foods prepared daily by an accomplished chef. You have access to good literature, spiritual and meditation groups, as well as a variety of recreational activities, available amid your serene, pine-laden surroundings.

There are opportunities to connect with your artistic side, to share your experience with others in 12-step meetings and to spend quality “alone” time. We also provide you with opportunities to have visitors on certain days because family and friends are important components in your recovery. But you are always encouraged to focus on your program and to address the issues that can improve and heal you.