Mentor Program

An on-site Mentor Program provides clients with the kind of stability and guidance that can lead to accelerated recovery from addiction problems. At our Pinelands facility in Medford New Jersey, each client is assigned both a Primary Therapist and a Recovery Mentor. They work together as a team to help meet each client’s needs. Our Recovery Mentors have undergone peer support specialist and/or Recovery Coach training to help prepare them to be your guide on the path to sobriety.

A Powerful Safety Net

This pairing of therapists and mentors is crucial in establishing cohesion and accountability between treatment and housing. Why is this important? Many clients do well in a treatment setting but then fall into old habits when at home. This accountability factor helps toward maintaining more honesty and consistency.

What to Expect

Each client receives a specially chosen personal mentor who meets with them soon after they arrive in treatment. At this time, the client fills out a questionnaire that enables the mentor to identify key areas that need work, map out a schedule and devise a solid recovery plan.

This weekly individual recovery plan provides a structure for developing daily behaviors so necessary for long-term recovery. Among these behaviors might be meditation, daily prayer, reading recommended literature or something as basic as making a bed or helping a peer. Because these actions and routines can vary from person to person, each plan is individually customized.

A Reliable Support System

Besides leading group classes, our mentors play a key role on an individual level, helping each client to remove the barriers holding them back. The mentor becomes another important element of the client’s vital support system, by sharing personal recovery experiences, offering encouragement and providing a clear path to healthy living. In these ways, the mentor gives each client a sense of connection to the recovery community.