Partial Care (PC)

Our Partial Care Program delivers the intensity of a residential recovery program. Featuring many similar elements as those offered to inpatient full-time residential clients, it has proven very successful for certain people.

What to Expect

This program is overseen by one of our professional staff members and conducted with solid personal feedback. Various programs offered include individual and group therapy, family therapy, art, and music therapy, not to mention one-on-one counseling and active support groups. Just as with residential treatment, clients are assigned a Primary Therapist who works with them to develop their unique treatment plan.

Allowing clients to participate in concentrated therapy and recovery-related activities, then apply those lessons to real life at home, creates an accelerated path toward positive, drug- or alcohol-free living.

Finding a Middle Ground

Partial Care is a reassuring balance of structured programs, overseen by an accredited staff, yet without 24-hour supervision or medical attention. Good habits are reinforced there, yet clients can feel a sense of freedom and individual decision-making. The needed support for recovery is available to you while, at the same time, you can move forward with your life. Pinelands Recovery Center of Medford New Jersey can help you to make the right decision when considering Partial Care.