Alexis Shaw Clinical Supervisor BlogMy name is Alexis Shaw and I am the Clinical Supervisor for the Partial Care Program at Pinelands Recovery Center of Medford. I have been employed with Pinelands for one year and have extensive experience working in child/adolescent and adult crisis intervention, clients with developmental disabilities, and clients within an inpatient hospital setting, partial care, IOP, and OP levels of care with emphasis on the chronically mentally ill. I have previous experience working in a detoxification setting as well.

I support many of the tenets of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), allowing clients to process painful emotions associated with past life events instead of focusing on the present only. By doing so, I allow my clients to work through past traumatic experiences and have new experiences of themselves in the present and future. I want clients to leave treatment knowing that they matter, that what they say matters, and that they have value.

As the Clinical Supervisor for the Partial Care Program, I am responsible for overseeing the Primary Therapists and Recovery Coaches. I provide weekly group supervision to our Recovery Coaches, ensuring that clients are receiving the best quality care. I have an open-door policy and am always available for consultation upon request. I am also a therapist that engages in individual and group counseling with the therapeutic milieu.

Our Recovery Coaches have recently completed recovery coach training where they learned about the stages of change and how to implement Motivational Interviewing techniques in their work. Our Recovery Coaches are in the process of becoming CPRS (Certified Peer Recovery Specialist) in the state of New Jersey. Most importantly, we teach our Recovery Coaches to connect with their clients instead of dictating treatment to them. Clients are viewed as resources that have strengths to be utilized during treatment and not just receivers of care.

Being employed at Pinelands Recovery Center of Medford has been the most rewarding and fulfilling employment opportunity of my 10-year career. I come to work each day excited for the opportunity to collaborate with my peers and help clients attain sobriety, finding a renewed purpose in life. Throughout the day, I am always touched by the compassion and empathy imparted on our clients by our staff.

“I believe what sets us apart from other programs is how closely the staff from all disciplines work together to create the most enriching and healing environment conducive for recovery.” – Alexis Shaw

We create an atmosphere where healing can take place. Our treatment team is a family that operates in the spirit of cooperation, respect, and admiration for one another’s strengths. I feel valued as an employee and human being working for Pinelands Recovery Center of Medford. I highly respect and value the phenomenal job that our staff does each day. For each of our staff, it is not simply a job but an opportunity to bring their passion and commitment to helping others and their family members recover from addiction.