Prior to working at Pinelands Recovery Center, Amy worked in the banking industry for many years. She was responsible for many aspects of the mortgage servicing department and then moved on to the investment department to which she was liable for monitoring the flow of cash and short-term investing. She eventually moved on to work in mortgages. From there, she created a small online and retail owner-operated chocolate business, making and selling custom chocolate candies and lollipops. Amy has been a part of Pinelands Recovery Center since inception in 2014 and has applied her diverse knowledge and skills gained in running her own business and working with customers to her role here at Pinelands. During Amy’s five years at Pinelands, her dedication to the clients, passion for learning and growing her knowledge base, and dedicated attention to detail has seen her move from her initial role as residential manager to become Pineland’s medical liaison and an invaluable member of the nursing team.