Robert has been a Pinelands employee for over five years but began his own recovery journey as a patient in 2014. He spent his first year of sobriety as an active member of the Pinelands alumni family. In 2016, he started as a night shift Resident Manager but was soon given an opportunity to receive formal recovery coach training and take on the role of a Recovery Mentor. As a Mentor, Robert expressed interest in the clinical department. After being promoted to Lead Resident Manager, he enrolled in CADC courses through NJPN and started his internship at Pinelands. In 2018, he accepted a position in Case Management. He gained experience working in several levels of care and numerous areas of the program, including operations, peer-to-peer recovery coaching, counseling, leadership, case management and alumni. Robert has settled into his role as a Primary Therapist as of March 2020. A strong believer in the importance of self-compassion and empathy, Robert finds it most rewarding to watch the patients and their families begin to heal.