It can be tough to admit when we’re bound by a substance, and even tougher to ask for help. So you tell yourself that you could quit if you wanted to, or that you aren’t really using that much. Maybe you think you don’t have enough time or money to seek treatment. Or perhaps you’re worried about what others will think or how your life will change if you admit to an addiction. You may have even tried treatment before and feel like you’re beyond help. Whatever is stopping you from seeking the help you deserve, we have the solution, and now’s the time to begin.

Every day that you spend chained to a substance is a day without true freedom. There is no time like the present to reclaim your life and start living on your own terms. Each day that a substance controls your life adds depth to your addiction. Not only is today the best day, but fall is also the best time to seek substance use disorder treatment, and here are 6 reasons why.


Substance use disorder contributes to poor job performance, car accidents, cancer, heart attacks, abuse, neglect, and violence to name a few risks. Your life and the lives of your loved ones are hanging in the balance until you address your health. It only takes one dose too many or one decision made under the influence to spell disaster. You are worthy of taking control of your destiny and minimizing risk in your life.

Drugs and alcohol also act as gateways to increasingly dangerous substances. Addiction is a progressive, chronic disease, so don’t wait for its inevitable worsening. Tackle your addiction now, to prevent multiple addictions from forming. Each day you wait, you put yourself at risk of multiplying the problem.


At the end of the year, insurance benefits reset, erasing any deductibles you’ve met. Pinelands Recovery Center works with and accepts most insurance policies (PPOs), and strives to make treatment affordable to you in your time of need. Fall is the time to reap the most from your policy, since your medical bills throughout the year have now accrued peak deductible impact. This gives you a few months to seek affordable treatment before your plan resets in January. If you wait any longer, you may not have enough time to complete treatment before your deductible is back to zero. We also accept cash, debit cards, Visa, Master Card, and American Express, to accommodate the best form of payment for you.


Holidays greatly increase the urge to reach for a substance, for many different reasons. From the eggnog at Christmas, to champagne at New Year’s, to hard cider at Thanksgiving, to cocktails at parties, the temptation and even pressure to imbibe can often be overwhelming. But it’s not just the celebratory holiday substances that pose a risk.

Holidays can also be the loneliest and most stressful time of the year. The extra expenses, guests in your home, and memories of lost loved ones are just a few things that tempt us to numb ourselves from the pain. But substance use disorder is a temporary “fix” that creates much bigger problems. Seek treatment this fall before the holidays roll in, to learn how to avoid temptation. Tricks, like bringing a safe beverage to parties, avoiding your triggers, rehearsing responses, and bringing a buddy, can help ward off temptation. Healthy coping mechanisms will create holidays filled with laughter and memories, rather than pain and regret.  


Recovery is a time when you get to take care of your needs that aren’t being met. As parents, we often put our kids first, and our healing never begins. Fall is the time when kids are busy with school, and even after-school activities. Take the opportunity while they are occupied to finally invest in yourself. If you wait until winter, they’ll be home on holiday break, and it will be harder to get away. You wouldn’t postpone taking care of your child’s health, so why procrastinate on your own? A little time spent helping yourself will help your children as well.


If you’re a student, college classes can be scheduled around your treatment. Inpatient, outpatient, and intensive outpatient programs exist to serve your education. It is easier to work around a flexible schedule, so seek treatment while you’re still in school. Treatment will increase your academic performance and make the most of your college investment.

Our accommodations feature hotel-like furnishings, a lobby, a lounge, and a dining room serving three delicious meals a day. Relax with all the comforts of home while you further your education, either on campus or online.


The wake-up call that sends many people to treatment centers is losing their home or job. Failure to perform well at work or pay rent can have devastating outcomes, including lost wages. Other costly effects of untreated addiction include car accidents and repossession, divorce, and custody battles, not to mention the cost of the substance itself. In fact, the cost to feed an addiction greatly outweighs the cost of treatment facilities.

If you’re struggling with substance use disorder, you’ve made the biggest step already, in deciding to seek treatment. Now you’re no longer alone in the fight to reclaim your health. Recovery is a group effort, and Pinelands Recovery Center is a family of trustworthy experts. Our admissions counselors will speak to you confidentially to decide the best fit for you.

We offer Residential, Outpatient, Partial Care, Transitional, and Family Programs. We provide a multi-faceted approach to treatment that includes doctors, nurses, therapists, case managers, coaches, and buddies, all committed to your success. We work with multiple insurance networks to keep treatment affordable to you. Our unique partnership with researchers at Rutgers University produces highly successful results. Our clients go on to lead happy lives, free from the cycle of addiction. Let this fall be the season of change you’ve been looking for in your life.