Heroin Impact & How to Get Treatment

Heroin use is common in those struggling with a substance use disorder in the United States. Unfortunately, heroin is a highly…

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Understanding Relapse in Addiction Recovery

Recovery is hard work. It requires a daily commitment to your future and happiness. After working diligently, relapse can be disappointing…

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turn to alcohol
Understanding Why People Turn to Alcohol

Finding out someone you love is struggling with alcoholism can be shocking. However, alcoholism does not happen overnight. There are many…

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club drugs
Dangers of Club Drugs Even at Home

Club drugs came about when raves began in England and the United States in the 1980s. Raves are dance parties that…

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Can I get back what addiction has made me lose?
Coping with Addiction in Quarantine

Quarantine life continues to be a new challenge for all of us as we learn how to cope in this unique…

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Reopening Bars and Alcoholism

As life starts to go back to normal and restaurants and bars open up, there are a few extra precautions one…

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drug dealers, overdose, addiction, drug addiction
Diagnosing Substance Disorder

Anyone can be affected by substance abuse, but not everyone knows how is substance use disorder is diagnosed. Over 700,000 people have…

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Medically Assisted Treatment, what is it, and who is it for?

Medically Assisted Treatment(MAT), what is it, and who is it for? Can anyone sign up for medically assisted treatment or MAT…

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Covid-19: Isolation and Opioids

The situation of Covid-19 or coronavirus has turned most of the world into isolation. This epidemic spreads quickly, and the people…

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call for help
Alcoholism: Does it Run In the Family?

When people have their first drink in their life, they think of it as a milestone. It is a social landmark…

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Patient, Family & Staff Safety is our Priority: COVID-19Update