Whether at the strong urging of your loved ones or by your own behest, you’ve decided to finally get treatment for your addiction. Since it is November, you might be realizing that you would be beginning treatment during the holiday season. Not spending the holidays at home can make people scoff and want to put it off until after the holidays are over. However, in reality, the holidays are the perfect time to begin treatment.

There Are Always Roadblocks

Let’s face it: if it weren’t the holidays, there would still be some reason that you would use to rationalize it not being a good time to go to treatment. Whether it’s an upcoming birthday, deadline at work, or another scenario you do not want to miss out on, your brain while experiencing addiction will find something to make you put it off again.

Why Wait? The Holiday Season is Stressful for Your Family

You are not the only one who is impacted by your addiction. Your family has likely been largely impacted by your substance abuse and there’s a big chance your family isn’t looking forward to spending the holidays with you. You may have a history of embarrassing yourself at family events, starting fights with family members, creating a volatile situation or, frankly, ruining the holidays for everybody.

This can cause a lot of stress for your family because, while they love you, they don’t want to create a negative atmosphere by having you around. That said, treatment is the perfect place for you to be this holiday season and, chances are, they will be more than happy to come to visit you there.

The Best Gift You Can Give Your Family

Don’t worry about buying presents for your family and believing you need to spend time with them while you are intoxicated on substances. They would much rather you receive the treatment you desperately need. The best gift you can give your family is going to treatment and working on yourself.

As mentioned, addiction impacts the entire family. Usually, the person suffering from addiction is the last person to know that they need treatment. Your family has likely been expressing their concerns for a long time and want nothing more than for you to be the best version of yourself that you can be. Give that to them this holiday season.

Start the New Year Fresh

By beginning treatment during the holiday season, you are setting yourself up for a fresh start for the new year. You’ll be able to set new goals to achieve, explore new hobbies, and work on repairing all the damaged relationships in your life in time for next year’s holiday season.

The new year is a time where people feel ambitious about trying new things and inspired to get old things done. It’s the perfect time to get out of treatment, as most other people feel renewed and ready to tackle things, as well. By getting treatment out of the way before the new year, you will be able to take advantage of all this energy in the air and start the new year right.

Substance-Related Deaths and Suicide Rates Go Up Around the Holidays

A sad reality is that 52% of Christmas Day traffic fatalities are alcohol-related, 16 percent of suicide victims had tested positive for using opiates around the holidays, and the Alcohol Monitoring Systems that found that over 450,000 monitored DUI offenders increased their drinking rates by 33 percent between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day.

Many people see the holidays as a time of indulgence. Whether that is on delicious food, spending, drinking, or using drugs — things tend to be used in excess during the holiday season. By beginning treatment during the holiday season, you are avoiding a potentially fatal overdose or accident happening to you.

About Pinelands Recovery Center

There is only one perfect time to get help for addiction, and that time is now. Whether you are beginning treatment during the holiday season or not, finally making the decision to start isn’t an easy one to make. The great thing about the holidays is that they will be back next year, the year after that, and every single year after that. You and your family can’t say the same for you right now. Give you and your family the best gift possible this year — making sure you are the best version of yourself for many more holidays to come.

Pinelands Recovery Center of Medford is widely known as one of New Jersey’s finest, most respected addiction treatment facilities. With comfortable 30-bed accommodations and 24-hour professional staff, we can offer clients a serene, relaxing environment amid the lush piney woods. This stress-free setting with its sense of warmth and welcoming enables you to feel comfortable and confident about your clean and sober life ahead.

We will establish clear goals, both general in nature and specific to your needs. We continue to monitor those goals, to make sure that our clients are progressing and buying into their recovery plan. We thrive on assisting clients in feeling connected to the recovery community, share and demonstrate effective coping techniques, help clients to modify attitudes and patterns of behavior and everything else you will need to be happy and productive living a sober, healthy life.

We ensure that clients complete their planned concrete tasks, encourage hope, optimism and healthy living. Our recovery program is not a revolving door treatment program; it is a recovery model designed to help clients go on to lead productive, happy lives. For more information, visit pinelandsrecovery.com