Content reviewed by Christian Losch, LCSW, LCADC, CEO of Pinelands

Many people may be apprehensive at the thought of entering a recovery center to treat their substance use disorder. This is completely understandable as this step entails so many changes and challenges ahead. In making this decision, one has committed themselves to gain sobriety and develop a healthier and happier lifestyle. Essentially one has dedicated themselves to radical growth and acceptance. While this transition can certainly be intimidating, the rewards are truly endless. One rewarding aspect of entering a recovery center is the community aspect.

It is well known that recovery can be very isolating for various reasons. Perhaps friends and family do not understand the trying aspects of substance use and recovery. There are many complex layers to both, and it can be difficult to empathize if someone has never experienced this personally. It is also common for those struggling to avoid their supporters so that they can use substances. Perhaps using substances has caused one’s supporters to feel hurt, therefore causing them to avoid their loved ones. Whatever the scenario, isolation is very real and very dangerous during this vulnerable time in one’s life. Through the community found in a recovery center, one can regain a sense of support vital for their recovery journey.

Having community support is key to managing your sobriety.

As the old saying goes, no one is meant to do difficult things alone. No matter what the scenario, people need others in their lives to love and support them during challenging times. The same can be said for those in recovery struggling to gain their sobriety.

While in recovery, it is incredibly important to have supporters in one’s life. These people will encourage the individual to take the difficult steps to grow, maintain sobriety despite various challenges, and help identify and avoid triggers. Doing such tasks alone would be altogether too overwhelming for just one person to handle and navigate.

Having a community of various supportive individuals can also help an individual receive more satisfaction out of life. Having a sense of belonging can greatly help an individual stay sober and forming a community of supporters can directly cause them to feel as if they belong. It is also important to have multiple people to support an individual in recovery rather than just one person. By being surrounded by different perspectives, strengths and personalities, a person can be positively influenced and supported along their journey.

A recovery center may be the perfect place for someone looking to find a community of supporters in recovery. 

In a recovery center, an individual can find themselves surrounded by others who understand their struggles and may offer new perspectives that can benefit their experience as well. Being surrounded by people who can relate to one’s challenges with substance use can directly aid in mitigating feelings of isolation. Due to their ability to be understanding and empathetic, individuals in recovery can create an open and safe space for others to share their troubles and be vulnerable, thus ridding themselves of shame and isolation. Being around such an empowering space can be incredibly transforming for one’s recovery.

The plethora of counselors, therapists, psychologists and doctors in a recovery center can also contribute to its empowering environment. These individuals work together to help each person struggling to learn more about themselves, their struggles, others and the world around them. Not only do they teach unparalleled knowledge, but they also offer a listening ear and directly empathize with each individual by offering radical understanding for every situation. Their therapeutic nature, coupled with the knowledge they give, helps those struggling feel entirely accepted and cared for during their darkest moments.

While family and friends can offer a certain amount of support, this is not enough. 

More times than not, these individuals cannot directly understand and empathize with their loved one who is struggling with drug and/or alcohol use. Although this is understandable, the person struggling needs people who understand what they are going through to grow and heal. Family and friends may also not present their loved ones with the necessary knowledge and skills to help them gain sobriety and live in the present moment again. Despite their best efforts, friends and family cannot offer the help that their loved one would receive while in a recovery center. While their roles in their loved one’s life may not be as prominent as hope during their recovery journey, their unconditional love and support are still precious and meaningful.

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