Rehab teaches those who have struggled with addiction to overcome it and find happiness in recovery. Happiness is defined differently by every person so finding joy in recovery is an individualized experience. Still, the same principles surrounding happiness can equate to staying sober. Here are ways to find happiness in recovery.  

First: What Does it Mean to Be Happy?

For many, happiness isn’t a feeling so much as the sum of your actions and behaviors. When you think of joy, you probably think of a favorite summer memory, your favorite pair of jeans, a song you enjoy, etc. Taking part in activities you enjoy will often bring about large amounts of happiness.

In recovery, you will have to overcome some difficult introspection to identify your addiction’s root causes and learn to cope with them. By identifying these and learning to let go of them, you will feel happier in your sobriety.

Habits of Happy Sober Individuals

Sobriety does not mean your problems go away completely, nor does it bring you instant happiness. But there are things that you can do to maintain your sobriety from drugs or alcohol while also bringing you joy. Many of them involve self-care, which is essential because you have likely struggled with this in the past. By hanging on to old habits, you are not giving yourself a fighting chance to recover. Here are some habits of happy, sober individuals. 

1. Meditation

This may seem cliche, but meditation has been extremely beneficial for those recovering from substance abuse. This is because meditation connects you with your inner self. It brings about self-awareness to both your physical and mental states, allowing you to live in the present moment as nothing but yourself. It is a great way to cope with stress, anxiety and depression and helps you reflect on life as a whole. 

2. Daily Routine

A daily routine in recovery will help you avoid triggers, reduce depression and anxiety, and keep you motivated. A routine will ensure you have time for all activities necessary for a successful recovery and give you a sense of purpose. This can help change your perspective as well as your mood because you know what’s on the horizon rather than not knowing what the day can bring. 

3. Exercise & Diet

Keeping yourself healthy is a great way to maintain sobriety and keep you in positive spirits. Endorphins are released when you exercise, relieving stress and symptoms of mental illness. A healthy diet gives you the proper fuel to maintain sobriety and fulfill your nutritional needs. Your overall mood is improved, and cravings are reduced when you stay healthy. 

Support Groups

Finding fellowship among other sober individuals will also show you that there is happiness in sobriety. Being able to talk to and relate to those who understand what you went through is a gift in itself. Together, you can lean on each other for support and cultivate a unique friendship. You would never have met these people without getting sober, and that is something to be extremely grateful for and happy about. 

Inspiring People through Your Own Sobriety

When you get sober and continually work to maintain your sobriety, it is understandable to want to give back to the community that gave so much to you. This is the beauty of finding happiness in your sobriety. You can help guide others through treatment and offer support when needed because you understand how much it is required and what sobriety has given you. This is the time to reflect and be grateful for the hard times. Work to inspire others and show what sobriety did for you to help them heal. 


At Pinelands Recovery Center of Medford, we strive for patients to find their own source of happiness within sobriety. Through our programs, patients will receive quality best care and encouragement while they are healing from addiction. We work to provide the proper tools and coping mechanisms for finding and maintaining sobriety, but we hope that our patients find happiness in the process as well. To find out more about what sobriety can do for you and the happiness you can find in recovery, call Pinelands at (877) 557-5372.