A routine allows a person to feel empowered and grounded.

Routines are exceptionally popular for their versatile ability to help people of all kinds achieve their goals and care for themselves in their own unique way. That is why routine is so crucial for those in the midst of their recovery journey. With all the constant changes that life throws at us, it is necessary to have a well-crafted routine in place that provides the comfort and care you need to continue being sober and stay authentically you. 


Changes Require Routine

While in treatment, you probably followed a well-structured schedule that fostered growth. Having this schedule trained you to practice healthy, valuable habits that helped you achieve sobriety and become the version of yourself that you had always aspired to be. After leaving treatment, routine is just as important to assure a successful transition into this new way of life. During this new stage, you may find yourself with an extensive amount of free time that you may not have had during treatment. While having newfound free time after leaving treatment can be highly gratifying, this freedom to do as you please can also be intensely overwhelming. According to a study conducted in 2009 by the National Institutes of Health, failing to create a daily schedule ahead of time could leave one feeling bored, stressed out and frustrated.

Boredom, stress and frustration are all very common feelings that people experience in life. That being said, this experience can be precarious when making the transition from life in treatment to life outside of treatment. When you do not occupy your time with activities that help you continue to take care of yourself, this can make you especially susceptible to experiencing taxing thoughts and feelings. Not having a routine in place that helps you work through these thoughts and feelings may lead you to consider turning to old ways of coping. Even though this scenario is a possibility, it certainly does not have to be a reality for your future after treatment. By planning ahead of time and creating a worthwhile schedule for yourself, you can continue giving yourself the care and love you deserve.


Routines Don’t Have to Be Boring

Often when people hear the word “routines,” they become disheartened at the thought of no longer being able to have fun. Sometimes the concept of a routine gets a bad name because of this association. However, this most certainly is not the case. While, yes, following a routine may entail cleaning your home, bathing and doing laundry, it also means making it a daily routine to do fun, relaxing activities as well. Taking care of yourself and staying sober also means respecting your needs, and we all need to have joyful, calming experiences in our routines. Creating joy in your routine is such a vital part of continuing your recovery after treatment.


Taking Care of Yourself

Ensuring that your physical health needs are taken care of through activities such as eating consistent meals and getting enough sleep is, of course, vital. Nevertheless, this does not mean that it is recommended to neglect taking care of your mental and spiritual health. While this may seem overwhelming to work into your schedule, there are ways in which you can find what works best for you. For example, having a morning routine can include merging your physical, mental and spiritual health. Many find time in the early mornings to practice breathwork, followed by journaling and even some light stretching or yoga. Or, instead of breathwork, it may be that you pray or meditate while reciting a mantra. Instead of stretching, going for a peaceful walk outside could feel more vitalizing to you. You could even practice expressing yourself through painting, drawing, singing, etc. Rather than having this routine in the morning, you can practice them in the evening time. Either way, you have plenty of options to choose from that can fill you with inspiration while also taking care of your well-being.


The transition from life in treatment into a new, unfamiliar life without the comforts of a treatment center may be a startling experience. Often, this new stage of freedom comes along with unforeseen hardships, such as feelings of boredom and stress. Forming a daily routine can set you up for a beautiful, sober lifestyle to combat these potential difficulties. However, creating this schedule does not have to prevent you from ever experiencing enjoyment again. There are ways in which you can form a routine that allows you to take care of yourself, maintain your sobriety and live a fulfilling lifestyle. At Pinelands Recovery Center of Medford, we know how difficult these transitions can be. That is why we are committed to giving you the necessary skills and knowledge to set you up for success. Our facility located in Medford, New Jersey, has many options to help you develop a routine that can give you the kind of care you need throughout your day-to-day life. Call us today at (877) 557-5372 to let us help you along your journey.