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Addiction is a Family Disease When it comes to addiction, it is often said that addiction is a family disease. However, it is all too common that we find families who do not believe in or understand this concept. It is absolutely essential that families are involved in the process of recovery for their loved […]

Alumni Program

Building a Healthy Network Our Alumni Program is a network full of people just like you or your loved ones – people who have been through the many stages of recovery. Our main goal is to keep people close to Pinelands Recovery Center. We work to remind our clients that they have a network of […]

Dining Services

Why is Nutrition Important in Recovery? When someone enters treatment, it is because they are in the throes of their addiction and need to change their lives. More often than not, many simple daily human tasks get overlooked while poor habits are forming during addiction. These tasks can include things such as personal hygiene, the […]

Relapse as Part of the Disease

What is a Relapse? Addiction is much more than simply abusing a substance. It is a chronic, progressive and fatal disease. When someone has recognized that they have addiction and they go through the treatment and recovery process, it is not a 100% guarantee that they will be sober forever. We work as hard as […]

Recovery Mentor

What is a Recovery Mentor? Much like using a weight loss coach, wellness coach or a life coach, you can now have a Recovery Mentor, also known as a recovery coach. Coaches and Mentors are leaders, someone who helps guide in a general sense. They are the ones with all the knowledge for their particular […]