Ever wonder why so many treatment centers incorporate nature into their practices? Being in nature has many beneficial effects for your overall health. According to the National Center for Biotechnology and Information, nature has the unique ability to not only provide safety and physical well-being, but also to give you mental peace.

If you are currently in , implementing more time in nature can prove to be significantly advantageous. Even if you find yourself busy with work, recovery, and other important aspects of life, committing to spending more time with nature little by little will help in ways you may not have expected.

Ways to Be in Nature and What it Can Do for Your Recovery

Rain or shine, there are many ways to safely spend time in nature no matter where you live. Below is a list of several ways you can begin to add necessary naturetime into your recovery, and how they can benefit your recovery.

1. Journal outside. Grab a cup of coffee or tea and take a seat on your patio, yard or bench. Take out your journal and jot down your thoughts and feelings for the day. While doing so, stop and look around at your surroundings. Do you hear the wind blowing through the trees? Do you see butterflies and bees buzzing around the flowers? Do you feel the subtle snowflakes falling from the sky? Tune in with your body and your surroundings and note what you are experiencing.

How it can help your recovery: Journaling is a very intimate practice that allows you to identify and acknowledge your true thoughts, feelings and beliefs. Engaging in this practice out in nature can help you become even more in-tune with your mind and body. Being aware of the environment around you, even if it is just outside your door, can allow you to become more aware of the sensations and feelings within your body.

2. Dance in the rain. Gene Kelly should not be the only one allowed to enjoy the wonders of a rainy day or evening. While most people may prefer staying inside while it is raining, you do not have to do this. The next time you experience a rainy day, go outside and feel the rain on your body. If you feel comfortable enough, try jumping, twirling or stomping around and see how that feels in your body. Whether you are “dancin’ or singin’ in the rain,” experiencing the simple pleasures of a rainy day can be very healing.

How it can help your recovery: Feeling the rain drop on your body is highly grounding. This helps with recovery by shifting your focus from your thoughts (thinking brain) to your feelings (feeling brain). Rather than spending a significant amount of time focusing on your thoughts, feeling the sensation of a fresh rainfall can help bring you back to reality and the world around you.

3. Take a walk through a wooded area. Whether it is warm and sunny or cold and snowy, taking a walk in some sort of forest area can be very stimulating. Even if it is cold, bundle up, put on some walking boots and explore all that forests have to offer. You may even prefer going on walks during the colder seasons because snow and ice can add a unique beauty to the views.

How it can help your recovery: Forests specifically can surround you with constant sights, sounds and sensations that can keep you in the present moment. Not only can it help you remain present, but it can also remind you how beautiful natural life truly is on its own. Observe the intriguing shapes of the trees, listen to the beautiful songs of the birds and feel the earthy ground beneath your feet. This can serve as a reminder that you are part of this natural beauty. It can serve as a reflection of how wonderful you truly are because you are authentically you.

4. Go camping. Camping does not necessarily mean you have to spend an entire night in the middle of nowhere. When going camping, you could simply pitch a tent outside with some blankets, a fire and snacks while spending the evening watching the stars and the moon. While daytime is beautiful, do not forget about the beauty of nighttime as well. Spending just an hour or two camping in your backyard or on your patio can be a great way to feel the serenity of the night.

How it can help your recovery: During the day, the world is awake and constantly going. Anyone and everyone can reach you if so desired. The constant energy during the daytime can make it challenging to find time to slow down and spend time alone with your thoughts and feelings. Getting outside during the night when most people are inside winding down from the day can help to give you this sense of peace that is so important for your well-being.

Here at Pinelands Recovery Center of Medford, we can help you along your recovery journey in our tree-lined estate immersed in nature’s landscape. At our beautiful facility in Medford, New Jersey, we want to ensure that you get the help you need while reconnecting with nature. We offer a wide variety of treatment modalities while ensuring you get to spend time in the nature surrounding our facility. To learn more and begin utilizing nature to help you heal, call us today at (877) 557-5372.